About Vida Aventura Nature Park

– Get ready to experience both nature and adventure –

Are you looking for nature, adventure, or relaxation? Why decide on just one? A great vacation can include all three and Vida Aventura have them all to to enjoy a memorable vacation with your family. There is plenty to do here. Create the vacation that will soothe your soul.

This park is a privately owned vacation spot 24 kilometers from Liberia Guanacaste surrounded by 400-acres of private reserve. They offer a vast array of activities for you and your family to explore to create a memorable vacation experience.

This is a family friendly environment waiting to suck you into the fun. The park offers an adventurous zip lining tour in the canopy. You can experience the view of Costa Rica from 100 feet above the ground. If you prefer to be on the ground, take the kids and enjoy a horseback riding tour through the dry tropical forest.  Maybe you would like to take a dip in the thermal pools or have a relaxing experience with mud bath.

Vida Aventura Nature Park is the perfect spot to relax, soak in nature and go on an exhilarating adventure, we offer all in one place.


Impressive views of two volcanoes.
There are plenty of natural wonders to discover including impressive views of the Rincón de la Vieja and Miravalles volcanoes.

Nothing feels more relaxing than getting in touch with nature. Take a therapeutic walk through a natural trail and enjoy the view that Mother Nature made.   While you are exploring, make sure to relish in the wonders of these breath-taking volcanoes.


Feel your adrenaline rush
A day in Vida Aventura Nature Park starts with a Zip Lining tour where you get to fly through the air with the greatest of ease.  Enjoy a horseback riding tour through the forest.

Ready to go out and have some fun? Zip line your way through the tropics and get a clear, overhead view of the Miravalles and Rincon de la Vieja volcanoes, dry tropics, and lava canyons. Your adrenaline rush is right here. You will fly at adventurous speeds through the forest and have an adventure you will not soon forget.

If you want an adventure where you stay closer to the ground, try a little horseback riding. You can saddle up and ride on a trail through the dry forest and enjoy impressive views along our natural trails.


Enjoy a healthy and relaxing experience
Our relaxing experience that starts with a volcanic mud bath or a soak in our thermal pools while the kids are enjoying the water fun in the swimming pool.

One sure fire way to revitalize your energy is the thermal pools. You can sit back and relax and enjoy the view of the forest.  Another great therapeutic, relaxing option is the mud bath. You can bask in the glory of rejuvenating your skin and body in the Aloe Vera and volcanic mud bath created just for you.

“Adventure built by nature ends in relaxation…”