Attractions Vida Aventura Nature Park

– A full vacation experience all in one place –


Experience adventure and feel your adrenaline rush as you fly over a breath taking tropical forest canopy. As you soar through the air, you will view the incredible sights of the dry tropics along with impressive views of the ancient lava canyons and the magnificient Rincon de la Vieja and Miravalles volcanoes.

What can be better than strapping yourself into a harness, attaching that to a thick cable, and speeding through the forest seeing views you could never see in your day to day life? The dry forest canopy is a breathtaking place that could not look any more beautiful from the sky. Enjoy the best adrenaline rush you can ever experience. The view will be amazing as you soar through the tropics catching a glimpse of the mind-blowing Miravalles and Rincon de la Vieja volcanoes.


This is your opportunity to drive cattle in the best Guanasten style. Ride through our tropical dry forest, and keep your eyes open for the singular views and beautiful wildlife of the area.

Horseback riding is an adventure of a more mellow tone. Enjoy a Guanasten style cattle driving experience in the most amazing tropical setting imaginable. You will be taken on a tour through the dry tropical forest to embrace the native forest. There is no better way to explore it.


After so much excitement and fun, what a better way to relax than dipping into our pool of thermal waters surrounded by the beautiful, ecological park. While you rest and relax, your children can safely enjoy the pool in this fun, family oriented environment.

There is no better way to relax and recharge your body than taking some time out for yourself. You and your family can relax and play in the therapeutic waters and soak in the beautiful thermal pools.


Enjoy a healthy and relaxing experience. Cleanse your body and renew your skin with genuine volcanic mud. A difference you will appreciate immediately.

Mud baths have been known to have great health benefits and this tradition of soaking in mud is infamous for its effects on the skin. The mud is said to stretch out the skin eliminating signs of wrinkles. Mud baths can soothe the skin and bring it back to its natural luster.

You can take a little time for yourself and enjoy an invigorating mud bath outside some of the beautiful views of the volcanoes and forest while you renew and cleanse your body in the Aloe Vera and volcanic mud created from nature. This is a sure fire way to relax after all the playing you have been doing on this trip.


A truly healthy experience for your body and your soul! Enjoy our natural trails, the different landscapes and the breathtaking views of two volcanoes, mixed with exotic flora and fauna. This activity will be relaxing and therapeutic for the entire family.

There are mountain trails that take you throughout the mountain and treat you with a fabulous view of the volcanoes.

“Adventure built by nature ends in relaxation…”